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  • This contest is now over.

I'm holding a contest to see if my MOCs would actually sell if made into real sets.

Rules and News

  • You must pick 4 out of the list.
  • You must PRETEND that none of the 2009 sets have been created.
  • The 12 Mocs with the most votes will have Box Art made for them and they will have their names posted on this page.
  • The deadline is October 21, 2009. Or when it reaches 10 entrees.
  • If the deadline occurs before 14 different MOCs have been voted for, it will continue until October 31, 2009 ,or 20 entrees.
  • You may change your vote.
  • Attention:The list has been updated to include:Renzor
  • UPDATE:You MUST give a reason for picking the MOC.
  • Attention the list has been updated to include:Vesuvius, Jetro and Naxtor

List of MOCs You Can Vote From

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