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Aquaeris 7
Aquaeris 7
Function Transporting Leviathos
Status Transformed
Location N/A
Pronunciation OCK-whirr-ISS 7

The Aquaeris 7 was Leviathos' primary vehicle. It was later transformed into the Aquaeris board.


The vehicle was created by the Order of Mata Nui to give to the Noctian Leviathos, who used it in his first mission against Necuas. It was damaged by Rahkshi and abandoned, but was later repaired. During another battle with Necuas' Rahkshi, it was fused with a Hoverboard to form the Aquaeris board.


It is propelled by a single, high-powered engine and contains dual sets of wings for stabilization, one of which is moveable. It contains a Cordak blaster capable of firing six bullets.


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