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Tribe Fire Tribe
Element Fire
Tools Sword, rocket booster
Status Alive
Location Vulcanus
Pronunciation ahh-roo

Aru was once a Glatorian of the Fire Tribe. However, he betrayed five other Glatorian and killed them. He was then banished to the Wastelands.


After Mata Nui was captured by the Bone Hunters (who were now in control of Vulcanus), Aru and his partner in crime Zant helped prepare the convoy to Roxtus which would be carrying the former Great Spirit.

Aru was later sent to Tesara to investigate false reports of a Glatorian attack. They returned to Vulcanus, only to find that it had been retaken, and Aru fought for his life against Ackar. He was killed by Kiina, who threw him to a Spikit.

Deserts of Death universeEdit

Aru was part of Fero's raiding party. He attempted to kill Master Glatorian, but was stabbed in the back by Esora and killed.


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