Atoam is a very powerful being


  • The Character must be a male Great Being sort of thing. He must:
  • Have Silver Armor
  • Must wield a Giant Staff
  • A kanohi Mask (no Glatorian or Agori Helmets)
  • He must look like a good guy!!!


  • 1st: You can choose the name for the next Matoran to join Nynrah on his journeys (I will tell you what type)
  • 2nd: You can choose the name for the next village Nynrah goes to (I will tell you the element)
  • 3rd: This user will be able to have one of Kingdonfin's characters in their story.



IMG 2553

My Entry. Please note I don't have a great deel of pieces at the moment and had to use what I had but I hope you like him!


User:Yoshisland Edit

Sorry, I had little time to change him up (I just got a cat), so that's why he looks so much like Mata Nui. --Ysig1.JPGYsig2.JPGYsig3.JPGYsig4.JPGYsig5.JPG


My (Yoshisland's) entry. Click on the picture for larger image.

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