Bara Magna Map
Bara Magna
Primary ResidentsAgori, Glatorian, Great Beings
Former Residents
LocationWall of Stars

Bara Magna was the name of a planet in the BIONICLE universe.


The planet of Bara Magna is mostly covered by a desert, and does not have any oceans or areas with a large amount of water. However, it does have oases and other typical features found in a desert. It was a once beautiful place, filled with Jungles and vast oceans and beaches. After The Shattering, the splitting of the planet Spherus Magna due to Energized Protodermis, the land turned into a desert.

Bara Magna

An aerial view of Bara Magna

There are six known villages exist on Bara Magna:

  • Atero, the location of the Arena Magna
  • Iconox, village of the Ice Tribe
  • Roxtus, the new village of the Rock Tribe
  • Tajun, village of the Water Tribe
  • Tesara, village of the Jungle Tribe
  • Vulcanus, village of the Fire Tribe

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