The basilisk was a serpent-like creature that lived on Bara Magna.

Species HistoryEdit

Once, the basilisk creature was a two-legged lizard with wings, but later evolved into normal lizards and then finally evolved into serpent-like creatures.


Encounter with the Glatorian MataEdit

One basilisk encountered the Glatorian Mata, who were travelling with 8 Agori, and killed Crotesius, but Mata Nui revived Crotesius. This basilisk was guarding the Fire Ignika, and was defeated by Ackar when Ackar shot fire from his sword, and the flames blinded the basilisk. It later regained its sight shortly after the Glatorian Mata had escaped with the Fire Ignika.

Encounter with TeridaxEdit

The same basilisk that battled the Glatorian Mata later sided with Teridax after meeting him. This basilisk is currently with Teridax somewhere on Bara Magna.


The Basilisk has the abillity to kill someone with a single glance. It has deadly venom, and also has a petrifying reflection.

Species RelativesEdit

There are several species of creatures that were related to the basilisk that were similar in appearance and also had similar powers. Here are its species relatives:

  • The Cockatrice (has wings, is a winged species of lizard, can turn anything and anyone who looks it in the eye to stone.)
  • The Manticore (has the head of a Glatorian, the body of a lion, and the stinger tail of a scorpion. Anyone and anything it stings suffers instant death.)


The basilisk creature was inspired by the basilisk creature in mythology.

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