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The Baterra were a generation of mechanical beings, created by the Great Beings, to fight in the Core War.


After the Great Beings had failed to end the Core War in peaceful ways, the eventually built the Baterra, robots designed to kill every being wielding a weapon.

After the Shattering, several Baterra ended up on Bara Magna. The encountered the Skrall, and pushed them south, towards the desert.

Alternate UniversesEdit

The Baterra were created, by the Great Beings, as an early form of the Bohrok. They were used to fight in the Core War. When it was over, they ended up in the north and forced the Skrall to migrate south. During this event, a Skrall, later named Stronius, managed to destroy a Baterra and learned that they were mechanical.
A Baterra recently confronted a unit of Skrall, while on a Vorox Hunt, and killed all the Skrall, save one. This was to be a warning to the Skrall that they controlled the Skrall's fate.

They have recently wiped out all but a few of the skrall, and believe there mission is complete. Thus, they are all powered down.

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, the programming of the Baterra was slightly altered in the sense htat they could comunicate by holographic screens that showed words and generally shapeshifted into the form of deceased Agori or Glatorian. Baterra also changed in the sense that they did not target anything with a weapon but instead only targeted beings who battled in the Core War.
The Baterra were recently contacted by the Order of Tollubo and formed an alliance against Rotam's Army. During the war however, Rotam managed to tap into the energies of Bara Magna to allow him to increase his command over the Rahkshi power of Technology Control, which he used to make every single Baterra explode, killing the vast majority of both armies for Rotam's amusement.


  • The Bohrok were similar to the Baterra in terms of appearance.

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