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This is a Bionicle Series revolving around Faine and a group of Rebles. There will be 10 books in the series.


The basic idea is that ijn the first book Mata Nui gets captured by the Skrall which proves he needs to be defended. They deactivate the Baterra. Faine and Thoron, two Agori with special powers, come into the eqation to protect Mata nui but a band of evil villans called the Eternal try to destroy the barren landscape and destroy all of its inhabitance. The Last Toa, Nikilia, most try and help the group of rebels as they make the Last Choices for Bara Magna!


  • Book 5
  • Book 6
  • Book 7
  • Book 8
  • Book 9
  • Book 10


This series may end up becoming a 11 or 12 book series.

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