This is a story serial made by Master Toa
Comments and Idea's are appreciated

Chapter 1:The BeginningEdit

Master Toa woke up there was a great big conversation outside. What is going on here? He said. The Ice tribe have allied with the SKRALL!Berix said. There is going to be war against us but Tajun dosen't want to be involved,Raanu said. Then Tarix stepped forward,My tribe will not take part but I am willing to put up a fight also they got beasts and enormous fire power. Then Vastus appeared I saw their army coming down here so you got at least 3 days to build an army or all hope is lost. Master Toa stood there thinking and thinking then finally he got an idea. Well I think Master Glatorian would like to defend his village, he said, but still this is just the beginning. Gresh said,That's it I had it with them! Don't be angry it will disturb you from your true mission, Master Toa replied. In the deserts of Bara Magna a great force appeared it was the Skrall and the Ice tribe approaching Vulcanus. They stopped, Tuma turned around. Today we are one step closer to defeat the many Glatorian who oppose us, Tuma said. WE ARE THE ARMY, WE ARE THE ONLY GLATORIAN THAT ARE PERFECT, WE ARE THE SKRALL, They shouted. Master Toa sat down and he medditated. He felt the power of the universe all around him then he was interupted. This might be the end of all Glatorian, Ackar said. Yes I know, Master Toa said back.

To be continued...

Chapter 2:NO TITLEEdit

Awaiting plot

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