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Bone Hunters
Bone Hunters
Species Information
ColorsBlack, Gray
HomelandSpherus Magna
ToolsBlades, Thornax Launchers
Species StatusMost alive

The Bone Hunters was a group of nomads, who were known to attack desert wagons and take Glatorian and Agori prisoner.

Abilities and PersonalityEdit

Most Bone Hunters had a special inner eyelid that protected their eyes from the hot desert sun. They weren't of the same species as the Rock Agori, but were somewhat related to them. Bone Hunters usually rode on Rock Steeds, which they used as mounts.


A number of Bone Hunters wielded Thornax Launchers that shot the explosive Thornax Fruit. Some, like Fero, also carried swords as well.

Comic Bone hunters

A group of Bone Hunters at the Sandray Canyon


Their diet manly consisted of Thornax, and Thornax Stew.

Known Hunter HuntersEdit

Bone Hunters (v|e)


Members:Fero  • Dekru  • Fima  • Tibura  • Zant  • Aru  • Naxtor  • Aquos  • Velrix

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