Cadak was a Water Tribe Agori and sometimes a sentry for Tajun. He is currently living on Spherus Magna.

Sand Raiders 066

Cadak the Agori.


Early History Edit

Cadak participated in the Core War, fighting under the Elemental Lord of Water. He became a good guard, and learned much. After the Shattering he was trapped on Bara Magna and remained in the Water Tribe.

Life on Bara Magna Edit

On Bara Magna, he was mainly a sentry or guard for Tajun. He occasionally teamed up with a Water Glatorian in the arena. Then, when the Skrall and Bone Hunters attacked and ravaged Tajun he fought bravely, and felled at least one unsuspecting Skrall and four Bone Hunters. Afterwards, he was driven off, and was found outside the village in the sand, unconcious. He helped create the Mega-Village, and was present during the Battle for Bara Magna, during which he was nearly killed by a Rahkshi of Heat-Vision but saved by Skrallix. He fought well in this battle as well, and witnessed Makuta Teridax's defeat, Spherus Magna's rebirth, and Mata Nui's deactivation.

Spherus Magna Edit

On Spherus Magna, Cadak remained in the Water Tribe and defended their new settlements as best he could. He also fought against all their old and new enemies on Spherus Magna.

Sand Raiders 057

Cadak on Spherus Magna.

Powers,Tools, and AbilitiesEdit

As an Agori, Cadak has no powers. However, he is a better warrior than most Agori, and is still learning. He used a blue water sword, and while living on Bara Magna, used a Thornax Launcher. However, later on Spherus Magna, he was given a Kanoka Disc Launcher.


Cadak is heroic, valliant and brave, and admires most Glatorian that are the same. He enjoys training with Tarix and Kiina, and like some Agori, wants to become a Glatorian. He has fought well before, but is still learning.

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