The Cendox was a type of vehicle that was used by Agori arena pilots in arena matches. The vehicle was used by all Tribes and only needed one Agori to pilot them.

Known CendoxEdit

  • Cendox V1 - A Cendox used by Crotesius
  • A Cendox used by Gladium in the Core War. - Destroyed


Cendox V1
  • Thornxax: In Arena matches, Cendox were fitted with Thornax launchers to apply to the arena rules.
  • Blades: The front of the vehicle is equipped with two long, black, spikey

blades that would presuamabely be used to damade other vehicles in the arena.

  • Tracks: Are used to give the vehicles grip and allow them to move at a higher, steadier speed.

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