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OccupationTraveling with Nynrah

Nynrah Ghostblaster


Centune was a Ce-Matoran and the leader of Century.



After Century was destroyed by Lezk it was rebuilt by the surviving Ce-Matoran and Ta-Matoran from Hakes. He was then made leader of the Village.

Arrival of NynrahEdit

20 years later, a large group of Lezerak started to attack Centune dragging the residence into the swamp. Centune was also taken. When he was about to be exposed A group of six Toa arrived to save them from their grim fate. But two ofthem were downed quickly. But a being in green and Gray quickly arrived and saved everyone, but some of the Ce-Matoran had already changed. Te being asked the Toa of Lightning to go and get Atoam, leader of the village next to Century, Hakes. He arrived and healed a few but some were to far into the mutation. However Lehrae, the Toa of Acid, said he may be able to reverse it.

Centune then approached the being who was Nynrah and said he believed that he was not Lezk, the corrupt Toa. Nynrah told Centune his story. Centune then chose to ask Nynrah if he could travel with him. Nynrah agreed. After hearing a Matoran scream the group saw what Lehrae was doing. He had reversed it but killed them anyway. Krakant stopped him from attacking them but the Toa escapes. Nynrah asked Centune if they could stay at Century as some of their numbers were injured including Zezalk. Centune agreed.

Tavels with NynrahEdit


Strength: 7
Agility: 9
Toughness: 9
Mind: 11

The Warriors of Nynrah (v|e)
Leader: Nynrah
Atoam • Zezalk • Centune • Nasta • Arcis

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