Certavus 001
Biographical Information
GroupOrder of Tollubo
Colorsblue, white
ToolsSword, Thornax Launcher

Certavus was a member of the Glatorian species who was in the Ice Tribe.


Not much is known about Certavus' past. It is known that he was an exceptionally good fighter and was employed by the Ice Tibe as their prime Glatorian. Certavus won a Glatorian championship tournament, earning respect for himself and his tribe.
He later recorded of some of his greatest fighting secrets and techniques into a book. This book was entitled "The Secret of Certavus". It was lost many years ago.
Certavus died some time later. The exact reason for his death remains unknown, however it is likely that he died of natural causes.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of DeathEdit

In the Deserts of Death univierse, Certavus was the Secondary Glatorian in the Ice Tribe. In this universe, he joined the Order of Tollubo and managed to attend the meeting that later resulted in the attack on Roxtus. However, he was killed in this battle.

Shadow PlayEdit

In the Shadow Play alternate Universe, Certavus appeared in a vision created by a Shadow Toa to extract information from Raanu. However, Raanu realized that Certavus was long dead, and the vision faded off. In reality, the Shadow Toa had utilized an ice Glatorian to help him in the vision, during which he had been killed off.


  • Certavus won a Glatorian Championship.
  • It is said Certavus trained Ackar.
  • Bionicle Sector 01 (BS01) hosted a competition for people to build a MOC of Certavus. The winner was Brickeens, a member of BZPower and BioSector01, and his entry was made the canon interpretation of Certavus as the prize.


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Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

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