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File:Photo 52.jpg
GroupReptisapean tribe
Toolsdual energy swords

Chameleo is a powerful reptisapean and an adventurer he fights using energy swords


like all reptisapeans he was evolved form a gekko spikit by makura. he spent his whole life training with his brother. he soon left his home land and did some exploring. he managed to brake his energy sword on metru nui tyring to stop a gang of criminal matoran (they grabbed his swords and snapped them in half.) so he went to nynrah and had them build him new ones that could chanel his acid power. with them he marched on destral and killed 3 makuta by slashing them with his words and then melting the antidermis with acid and broke antother two's armor, befor he was captured however before he was killed botar took him back to daxia. hylex never told him where he was or who the order was just that they existed she began using krakua as a messenger to Chameleo, tellign him about the brotherhood and their members whereabouts. he is currently on Xia researching a Brotherhood weapons order.


he was bold an adventurous but hard working, and protective of those he cared about. he had an extreme sense of justice as he attempted to march on destral alone knowing that he would probably die. he wishes to some day be the one to kill teridax


  • he will be one of biogecko's favorite charecters to write about
  • as always Makura is property of Makuta Kaper and IDS5621

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