� Cojok is a Ce-Matoran and weirdly the only male Ce-Matoran. He is part of the Rebellion of Surakh

Early LifeEdit

Cojok's Best Friend's LossEdit

Cojok came from Artidax, the same place Surakh came from. Cojok was friends with a De-Matoran called Hatra. They used to travel to Odina, Daxia and Xia in search of different Rahi until Hatra's death when a Rahi called the Shadow Cougar attacked him in Daxia. After the Shadow Cougar killed Hatra, Cojok grabbed a dagger and stabbed the Cougar in its left lung. He headed back to Artidax to tell Surakh that Hatra was killed.

Broken BonesEdit

Cojok and Surakh headed to Odina to search for a Tarakava Nui. They eventaully found one, breaking a stone wall into a dark tunnel. Cojok ran towards the Tarakava Nui and gets whack in the chest by the Rahi. Surakh had a face-off with the Tarakava Nui. Cojok was lying on the grass, unconscious. Surakh, in the other hand, had a rope around the Rahi's neck. The Rahi struggled to breathe. The Rahi eventually fell to the ground, deceased. Surakh ran over to Cojok. Surakh had x-ray vision so he could look inside Cojok. Cojok had the following bones broken;

  • 12 teeth (4 incisors, 4 mandibles and 4 canine.).
  • Sternum (Middle of front ribs.)
  • Clavicle (Collarbone)
  • Spacula (Shoulder Blade)
  • Humerus (Bicep and Tricep Bone)
  • Radius and Ulna (Forearm Bones)
  • Femur (Thigh Bone)
  • Tibia and Fibula (Shin Bones)
  • Feet
  • Coccyx (Tailbone)

Cojok had to be returned to Artidax. Presumably, everyone thought he was dead but after Surakh fixed his bones, he was alive... barely.

Trivia and InfoEdit


Name: Cojok

Friends: Hatra, Surakh, The Rebellion of Surakh

Status: Alive, some figured he was deceased.

Enemies: Gravitas, Artah

Kanohi: Kanohi Zakfo, the Mask of Calculating


  • Due to the actions of Broken Bones, Cojok has no Clavicles left.
  • Also, since the death of Hatra, he has secretly been seeing ghosts of him. (This will be included later in canon storyline.)

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