corruption is a story that will entail the dark hunters invasion and rule of Oceaus magna, as well as expose the corruption in the empire they build


A lone agori stood at watch over his village when he saw a light. he stared at it until he realesd it wasn't a light it was a ship, correction fleet of ships. he ran but a beam of light knocked him to the ground he tried to rise but his heart stopped and he fell dead.

Leviathos stood at the command deck of his flag ship. he had after all been appointed by the shadowed one to lead the campaign of this planet, and the first blood had been spilled. he readied his weapons. who knew what this strange planet would hold. his ship touched down and exited hundreads of wariors poured out of the village to attack his hunters got ready but he held them back and signaled that only three where to come they opened fire and a battle started three vs. five hundred no problem thought leviathos as he unleashed a burst of poison gas into the croud.

"push them back ordered leviathos."

"yes sir Squid"

on his order every dark hunter in his army exited the ships and swarmed the village he sat back as he watched villagers and wariors slaughtered alike. then came the fires his men burnt down have the village and conquered the rest. with his final calculation the death toll was a 100 to one ratio he chuckled and entered the village to start construction.

leviathos saw as a caravan escaped and knew more warriors would come but what mattered was that his men controlled the village

"Amphibax report" said leviathos

"yes sir," he started "we've sacked the village and it would appear that they have little to no modern technology. also based on what history records we've discovered each village is associated with certain elements but its warriors have no access to these powers. quite primitive"

"thank you" responded leviathos

he turned to the village and yelled "Primal, Amphibax, Lizard, Anchient, and myself will go follow the caravan and raid what ever village it is headed to, if this city is not fortified by the time I get back rations will be halved"

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