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"Lets put our differences aside the Agori are in danger!"
―Cursed Tahu talking to Scotar
Cursed Tahu
Cursed Tahu
Biographical Information
TribeFire Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsBlack,Silver,Red,Blue and Green(Eyes)
ToolsEnergy sword,Skrall sword,Shield & Blades (on wings)
LocationIn secret underground caves on Bara Magna

Cursed Tahu was a toa who got cursed during a battle with a Makuta. Cursed Tahu formely known as Tahu's brother. He sometimes gets into rage and uses the darkside of him so he can kill an enemy. He has different sides good and bad he uses different sides in battle. He has lots of rivals and enemies which tried to kill him.


Cursed Tahu was created by the Makuta but then Takanuva came and turned him into a Toa. He had to learn lots of skill before challenging foes. He had a rivalry with Takboyr. Takboyr later challenged him but Takboyr lost. Then Cursed Tahu had to learn the Toa code. Then Takboyr created a gang and challenged cursed tahu all at once. But Takboyr still failed, with this strengh he was ready to challenge anyone. But he had to talk to the Toa council they agreed to have him as a Toa.

Attack of the Makuta

The cult of the makuta watched his battles. So they recruited Makuta to take him down. He defeated them all but then a Makuta lord weakened him down. Then other Makuta did a ritual to turn him into a Makuta. But then he broke out of the transformation. He was half evil and half good the Makuta fled. And waitted for a different time to strike him again.

Return of Takboyr

Takboyr returned to Cursed Tahu for a new battle. Takboyr expected to win but he wasn't prepared for shadow beams. So again Takboyr Lost. Cursed Tahu asked him if he could be his companion. Takboyr accepted and requested for fighting lessons. Cursed Tahu accepted his request. And later he became friends with Takboyr.


  • Piece count: 44
  • Tool count (Weapons and Wings): 9
  • Place the Photo was taken: Kitchen
  • Person who created Cursed Tahu: Master Toa (siteleader)