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The Dark Artis is a Dark Version of Toa Artis. A Evil Toa of Life took all of the Evil from Artis and put it in a lifeless figure. He took samples of Artis's power and gave it to the Dark Toa.

The rest of the story will be revealed in The BIONICLE Restoration 2: Nui's End.

The Force of Tela (v

Leader: Harina

Members: Makuta Nexiax • Makuta Dayiax • Makuta Kuakiax • Kitina • Dark Artis

Former Members: Makuta Reniax (Deceased)  • Makuta Teridax • Makuta Terihax (Deceased)• Makuta Jeriax (Deceased)• Makuta Herilax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk