Dark Overlord
Dark Overlord
Biographical Information
GroupMakuta Lord,Glatorian
HomelandMata Nui
ToolsTesara Blades.
LocationBara Magna

Dark Overlord was a Makuta lord. He hates his rival Master Toa


He was created using the power of darkness. They gave him the mask of darkness. It was one of the most powerful masks in the world. He was a Makuta with different versions. In an alternate universe he met his other side. His otherside was unusual to him. They battled in this world but Dark Overlord was accidently knocked into the portal sending him back to the main universe.

Bara MagnaEdit

He crashed landed on Bara Magna because he was exiled temporily. He had to learn the ways of a glatorian but he lost the first 12 matches. He talked to Master Glatorian for some tips but he denied this. Then Dark Overlord got angry and threw a fireball then Master Galtorian dodged it and knocked him out of the village.