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GroupToa/Makuta Tela
ColorsRed, Gray, Silver
OccupationToa Killer
LocationVela Nui
Pronunciation Day-e-Axx

Makuta Dayiax is was formerly the Toa Tela of Fire. He is now the Makuta Tela of fire. Makuta Dayiax is from the stroy Destructive Thoughts


Toa Dayiax was the Toa who was the most drawn to light. He loved doing good things. Until Toa Terihax killed Makuta Reniax. Reniax was formerly the Toa of Light in the Toa Tela but he became a Makuta of Shadow. After that Dayiax liked evil. He was the first to agree with Terihax when they decided to become Makuta. Dayiax wanted to go with Terihax to fight Toa Neton and Toa Tanua. But he was told to stay.


In the arena Terihax summoned the other Makuta Tela. Makuta Dayiax faced Toa Tanua in the arena. When Toa Tanua threw the stone at Makuta Dayiax he almost blacked out.

The Force of Tela (v

Leader: Harina

Members: Makuta Nexiax • Makuta Dayiax • Makuta Kuakiax • Kitina • Dark Artis

Former Members: Makuta Reniax (Deceased)  • Makuta Teridax • Makuta Terihax (Deceased)• Makuta Jeriax (Deceased)• Makuta Herilax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk

Toa/Makuta Tela (v|e)

Leader: Terihax  (Deceased) Harina

Members: Nexiax  • Dayiax  • Kuakiax

Former Members: Jeriax   (Deceased) • Herilax   (Deceased) • Reniax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk