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Death Owls are very vicious machines designed by the Matoran of Deilfa Nui to gather food and water, build shelter, and cure diseases. However, they malfunctioned, and killed every being in sight, single-handedly killing off all Rahi and Matoran and forcing every species on Deilfa Nui to extinction. To this day they still roam the planet, searching for something to kill next.

Powers & Traits Edit

Death Owls do not actualy have any abilities of their own, except for the fact that they can merge.There are two types of Death Owls: Ice and Fire. Only two Death Owls of different types can merge.There are also rumors that Death Owls, when seen flying, are supposed to be as elegant as a Shallows Cat, while after it lands, it is as ugly as Frostelus.

Gallery Edit

Death Owl Combo Flight

A combonation Death Owl.

Flame Death Owl

A Flame Death Owl.

Death Owl Combo Land

A combo Death Owl, landed.

Ice Death Owl

An Ice Death Owl.


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