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Deilfa Nui was a horrid place. It is completely lifeless.

Deilfa Nui

Deilfa Nui's map.

History Edit

A Toa donning an Olmak accidentaly stumbled upon it one day and decided to colonize it for reasons that are, to this day, still unknown. He brought the Matoran of his village on the Southern Continent through the portal the Olmak made, and set up another village that came to be known as "Spiriah-Koro" loosley translated, "Village of Failure", which exactly described the village. Matoran died by the dozens of starvation, Rahi attacks, plagues, natural disasters, and m any other cases. The Toa decided to sacrifice his power to bring a new team of Toa into existance. After becoming a Turaga, he ordered the new Toa to help the Matoran. However, this proved ineffective, as all of the Toa eventually died. Soon the whole village fell into ruin, but before the remaining Matoran, having found the Turaga dead a few days after the death of the last Toa, left, they created a new mechanical species called Death Owls. They were designed to help the Matoran survive, but malfunctioned and started killing every living being in sight, leading the planet to extinction...

Geography Edit

This area is located in a realm known as The Zone of Time-Space. It floated alone, suspended in it's own gravity. It was mostly rocky and harsh there, but there were also five different reigons that were each unique in their own ways:*Alsenav, reigon covered in lush, green fields, yet surrounded by harsh mountains.*Ealtan, completely covered in ice.*Leorifa, mostly forest. Lots of Rahi dwell here.*Larven, much desert is located here.*Entlaur, a mountain so big it takes up it's own reigon.There is also a poisoned ocean with no sea Rahi at all. A few barren islands are located here.

Appearences Edit


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