"Grr... Well, a Bone Hunter knows when he can win another day."
―Dekru, Mysteries of Terra Magna, Chapter 16 [src]
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Biographical Information
SpeciesBone Hunter
GroupBone Hunters
HomelandSpherus Magna
ToolsBlade, Shield
LocationThe Great Mountains

Dekru was a Bone Hunter who lived on Terra Magna.




Dekru did, like every other Bone Hunter, live on Spherus Magna. In the end of the Core War, the piece he was on broke loss and collided with the planet Terra Magna. Some times later, he led some Bone Hunters to ambush the Agori Betak, but the Agori managed to escape. Dekru and his most loyal servant tried to follow her, but was tricked into a Ice Wolf-den, resulting in the death of the servant. After that, Dekru swore to kill that Agori. Since that, he followed her, and recently captured her. Before he killed her, he wanted to talk with the leader of the Bone Hunters. However, he was denied access to the Bone Hunter Fortress, resulting in him killing the guard. Seconds after he entered, it started snow, covering every footprints in the area. This meant he wouldn't find the way back to Betak. He then talked to Ferisius, the leader of the Bone Hunters, and was told to take Fima with him and kill Betak. Fima first refused, but at last came with Dekru. They soon came across Icus. After defeating her, they forced her to tell them where Betak was heading. They then continued, and reached a river. Just after crossing the river, they were attacked by a Skopio creature. Fima was eventually knocked to the ground, and nearly eaten by the Skopio. Just in time, Dekru managed to hit a weak point in the Skopio's armor.

Alternate universesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Dekru was Fero's lieutenant. While under Fero's lead, he was only known to have participated in one caravan raid. This happened about one year ago when he was working with Zant, Aru and Tibura. They attacked a caravan, heading to Iconox, carrying a tank of water won from an arena match against Tesara. They placed Sahmad on board to kill the Glatorian off so they could come in and kill the Agori crew. However, this plan failed as Sahmad was defeated and the Glatorian became aware of them.
Dekru held back with Fero and was ordered to go on board and kill everyone. He protested and said that Fero might want to kill Sahmad himself but Fero attcked him and forcefully sent him on his way. Dekru was impaled in the skull by Master Glatorian on his way.


Strength: 15
Agility: 8
Toughness: 14
Mind: 15


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