Dekus was an Agori of Ice on Bara Magna, and later, Spherus Magna.

Agori Dekus


Early HistoryEdit

Not much is currently know about Dekus's early years. At some point in them however, he became an expert shield maker for the Ice tribe. His shield designs were legendary and was one of the few Agori who could acctually make new things. He kept this ability long after the Shattering.

Life on Bara MagnaEdit

He was employed by the Sand Raiders to make shields for them. Through this deal, he was regularly protected by Sukata. He was present in the Tesara Arena during the last Glatorian fight between Tarix and Vastus, and witnessed Mata Nui's power, and the agreement to join the villages. He was also evacuated from the new mega-village,(During which he was momentarily kidnaped by Skrallix, and questioned about the village.) and witnessed the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax. During which, he, Calii, and Berix were attacked by Rakatas. They were quickly saved by Vernox and ran into the desert.He then hid in the sand. He hid through Teridax's death, and came out as Spherus Magna was restored. He then saw Mata Nui's deactivation.

Spherus MagnaEdit

On Spherus Magna, he remained in the Ice Tribe, and continued working for both them and the Sand Raiders. He made shields for the Raiders during their war with the Skrall and Skakdi.

Sand Raiders 056

Dekus on Spherus Magna

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Agori, Dekus has no powers. However, his shields are top quality.


Dekus may be good at making shield, but he is afraid of fighting, and can't even use a sword! He is often saved from injury by Sukata, but when Sukata's not around, the best alternative is running! He has a rather timid personality, but he is a friendly Agori. He is often taken advantage of by bigger geings, and threatend to be pummeled unless he does what they want.

Photo GalleryEdit

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