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"A ball of Electrical Energy burst from the barrel of the weapon in an explosion of sparks. It struck the Po-Matoran in the shoulder and incinerating most of the armor."
Glonor using an Electro cannon, Frozen Calling
Electro cannon
Electro cannon1
Electro cannon
User(s) Matoran
Location(s) Krennato-Nui, Vacca-Nui
Status In Use

Electro cannons were weapons, which were used by a number of Matoran in the Matoran Universe. They were known to fire Electrical bursts.



Like most forms of harmful technology and weapons, the Electro cannon was created in Xia. The weapon was created some time prior to the Metru-Nui Civil War yet after the formation of the Dark Hunters.


Although the Matoran of Vacca-Nui were not known for violence, an Av-Matoran military-policeman named Glonor was issued with an Electro cannon prior to the Metru-Nui Civil War 79,500 years ago. He used his Electro cannon to capture and threaten a Po-Matoran - who had been sold land, by the island's local Turaga, and had then sold that land on to the Dark Hunters. After discussing the Po-Matoran's motives for commiting treason, Glonor proceeded to fire the Electro cannon at his prisoner then pushed him off of a cliff edge. He later noted that he had not intended to kill the Po-Matoran with the Electro cannon.


60,000 years ago, during the Time Slip, the Matoran of Krennato-Nui were dragged into a war against a Visorak Swarm that threatened to invade their island. The Matoran were known to have been armed with Electro cannons for this event.

Fractures UniverseEdit

In the Fractures Universe, Electro cannons were a lot more popular as they were issued to Matoran during a recent war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. Many Matoran in Metru-Nui were issued with standard handheld Electro cannons.


The standard Electro cannon consisted of three key components: the handle, a dial, and the tip. The handle was usually made of metal or plastic and allowed better gripping for a user. The dial allowed the user to change the voltage of the electricity burst. The tip was commonly a detatchable appliance that aided focusing. Glonor was not known to use this appliance as he felt it disrupted the balance of the weapon, which made the aiming worse.


  • Matoran
    • Glonor - On Vacca-Nui; since abandoned
    • Reysa - On Krennato-Nui; since abandoned
    • Most Matoran of Metru-Nui in the Fractures Universe


  • There are several variations in the spelling of Electro cannon in past story serials such as Electro-canons or Electron-Cannons. These are mostly typos but refer to the same weapon.


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