100,000 Years Ago...

Spectros watched as an enormous metal giant hung suspended across the Wall of Stars. He silently observes the slow and meaningful retreat of the metallic being as it descended into the heavens, growing smaller and smaller until it was just a dot in the distance, shining like one of the stars around it, golden beacon hung across the black expanse of space.

The Great Beings had finally completed the construction of Mata Nui. Forty million feet tall and capable of spanning the far-off regions of space, the enormous mechanoid had been imbibed with one purpose beofre it's departure. Explore the stars and return with specimens to inspire the Great Beings, an alien race with a passion for creation that lived on the surface of the planet Spherus Magna. Spectros, one of those Great Beings, raised his arm and fire a dazzling blast of light into the sky. The liftoff had been successful. The Great Beings could now begin some other eternity-spanning project.

Spectros could see something in the distance. He quinted his eyes, trying to focus on it. Being completely organing, as all Great Beings were, he did not have any telescopic lenses or implants to aid his vision. However, as the object came closer, he could see it was a group of minute, moving figures, hidden by a cloud of dust kicked up by their many heels. Then, suddenly, they stopped. Silence hung in the half-mile between them and Spectros like an icy wind. Then, as one, every one of them raised their swords. A column of fire erupted in the sky above them, curling through the air like an aurora. Slowly but surely, the burning wave shaped itself into a primitive, tribal design, a long, geometric line of light reflected in Spectros' terrifed eyes.

It was the symbol of the Skrall, fired into the air at the sight of a target.
Skrallsign 2

The Skrall insignia is fired into the air.

There was no thought to what Spectros did. he just ran, ran as fast as he could, ran before the swarm of death, slayers of the earth, the tyrans of Spherus Magna, were upon him. For if they got a head start, they would track him like a pack of energy hounds. And energy hounds were, unfortunately, one of the Great Beings more efficient creations.

Suddenly, a scream rocked the sunset sky like breaking glass. A startled cry rang out among the Skrall warriors. Spectros looke dover his shoulder. One Skrall flew five yards away from the rest of the group in a blur, mere inches above the ground. He hit the sand, and when the dust cleared, Spectros could see slashes all over the warrior's armored body.

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