Alright. So you got some LEGOs at your house? Or a fortress built out of LEGOs? Then this is your chance to have it featured in the full-length movie: Fall of the Glatorian!


  • It may have an article, but it must be an image, not a link to an article.
  • Must be built out of LEGO parts. You may not use any other type of building toy.
  • It must resemble a fortress.
  • No whining if you lose.
  • Place your user name above the image.
  • The bigger the image, the better, but it should not be pixelated.
  • It can be computer aided.


Bonus ContestEdit

As usual, I have a bonus contest. This one is for custom mask design: can you design the Mask of Space-Time?



Bonus WinnerEdit


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