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KanohiGolden Armor's Kanohi
ColorsYellow, Black, Gold
ElementPure Power
OccupationTraitor to the Demons
Tools Infinity Axe

Gazer was Teridax's most trusted Demon. He was one of the few presented with names while others had to make their own.


The ArmyEdit

Gazer had been in a different universe along with the other demons. He had trained and conquered with them. But he had killed te opposing race's leader and become the Demon King's favorite Demon. He became an assistant, and second in command of the Demon Army. He was trusted by many.

The Brake offEdit

When the Brake off occurred and many Demons thought they were doing wrong, none of his army revolted. The Demon King was proud of this fact and named them his first force.

But Gazer started to think about what they were doing. How they were killing without mercy. How they started the war.

Travels to a New LandEdit

After Millions of years of serving their Universe was on the verge of destruction. Not willing to be destroyed the Demon King sacrificed himself and slung his Demon's through space into another Universe.


Gazer realized what they did wrong and tampered with their travel. This killed hundreds of Thousands of Demons. After a Demon dies their body can reform or take another. Ot takes over One Thousand years for a Demon to form a new body in the new Universe. During this Gazer died.

The Falling of the StarsEdit

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