Biographical Information
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsDark blue, white
OccupationGlatorian, Caravan escort
ToolsIce Slicer, Thornax Launcher

Gelu was a member of the Glatorian species.


Gelu was trained by Certavus. Once he died Strakk took over as the Glatorian as the main Glatorian and Gelu as the second.

Gelu went to Arena Magna in Atero to fight in the Grand Tournament. But the first battle was stopped by the invading Skrall. Gelu retreated to Iconox with some other Agori. After this, Gelu chose to retired because he saw more profit in escorting convoys.

Deserts of DeathEdit

In the Deserts of Death univierse, Gelu become a Glatorian in the Ice Tribe. In this universe, he joined the Order of Tollubo when Berix told him of it after an arena match and managed to attend the meeting that later resulted in the attack on Roxtus.

He later managed to escape with some of the other Glatorian, being forced to leave the Agori behind.

Legends of Bara MagnaEdit

In the Legends of Bara Magna universe, Gelu was both a caravan guard and a glatorian. He later escorted a convoy up a cliff. Most of his caravan group fell to their deaths when the cliff collapsed a bit, and parts of the path fell off, but the other glatorian accompaning him along with himself survived.

Visions of the Great BeingsEdit

In the Visions of the Great Beings universe, Gelu was hired to protect a wagon from Tesara that was heading towards Tajun containing a special metal.


Order of Tollubo (v|e)

Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

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