Hatra was a De-Matoran who came from Daxia. He had a Ce-Matoran friend called Cojok

Early LifeEdit

Before DeathEdit

Hatra came from the De-Koro village in Daxia but was forced to leave because of the Rahi Invasion. He travelled to Artidax to live with his best friend Cojok. They travelled to Odina, Daxia and Xia alot but one time, when Cojok and Hatra travelled to Daxia, Hatra was killed by a Shadow Cougar.

Trivia And InfoEdit


Name: Hatra

Friends: Cojok

Status: Deceased

Enemies: None

Kanohi: Kanohi Henacanya, Mask of Camoflague


  • Hatra has never used his Kanohi.
  • He has never spoken to Surakh before.
  • He has Stauckaphobia, fear of Shadow Cougars. Cojok hasn't though.

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