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GroupToa/Makuta Tela
ColorsBrown, Gray, Silver
OccupationToa Killer
LocationVela Nui

Makuta Herilax is the Makuta of Stone from the story Destructive Thoughts.

Toa LifeEdit

When They became Toa Herilax was the most evil of them all. When Toa Terihax offered to the others about becoming Makuta he could not say no.


Makuta Terihax told the others to come to the arena when he called them. Once they were called Makuta Herilax did not fight any of the Toa Dela. He was angry when they got away.

Turaga's DeathEdit

Him and the others silently walked up the stair case in Destrialia. Him and the others combined their powers to kill Jovana, 5 Toa Charged at him and the others.A matoran called Parua went to go find a Toa of Light. (If there was one). The Toa Threw Terihax out the Window then escaped.

The ForceEdit

When the Force of Tela went into battle against the Grand Army of Vela Nui he was killed by a Member of the Order of Vela Nui called Cravis.

The Force of Tela (v

Leader: Harina

Members: Makuta Nexiax • Makuta Dayiax • Makuta Kuakiax • Kitina • Dark Artis

Former Members: Makuta Reniax (Deceased)  • Makuta Teridax • Makuta Terihax (Deceased)• Makuta Jeriax (Deceased)• Makuta Herilax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk

Toa/Makuta Tela (v|e)

Leader: Terihax  (Deceased) Harina

Members: Nexiax  • Dayiax  • Kuakiax

Former Members: Jeriax   (Deceased) • Herilax   (Deceased) • Reniax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk