Huribu's newest story

Chapter One: Conversation With KiinaEdit

Kiina had 5 stones. Each stone represented the five elements of Water Strikers. Water, Liquid, Lava, Oil, and Ocean Steam. Water Strikers were the hardest workers on Bara Magna, But hardest of all was Huribu, Kiina's best friend. Huribu decided to go on an adventure to the Room Of Fear. When she got there, the entrance was locked. She spook with Kiina and asked her to use her wall of stones, She said yes. Upon using the stones as keys, Huribu was able to gain access to the Room Of Fear.

Chapter Two: Entering The RoomEdit

When the room was entered, there were groups of warriors led by Avertrasx. The room had another pass way leading to what Huribu could identify the Fire Striker room. But how in the world could she get there?! Seems she's getting mad....

"YOU WILL NOT PASS US HURIBU, EVEN WITH THAT TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW SURRENDER OR I'LL "LEAVE A MESSAGE SAYING I DID MY JOB. PERHAPS A DEAD BODY WOULD BE GOOD, EH?" Avertrasx snapped. Huribu was able to use the keys to push him out of the way. Successfully, Huribu entered the Room of Fire Strikers.

Chapter Three: Fire Striker TrainingEdit

In the room millions of fire strikers were giving into their master. "Work faster!" he shouted jumping down to Huribu. His nem was Desacaer, the trainer of all fire strikers. Huribu was shocked that he was just a teenager. "What can I do for you?" He asked in a much lower tone. Huribu went silent, and took a few steps back. Coming closer, she asked, "Who are you?". "I'm Desacaer, the boss.

Chapter Four: Kick Some ButEdit

Chapter Five: Joining Mata NuiEdit

Chapter Six: During The Battle Of RoxtusEdit

Chapter Seven: Reward After Defeat Of AvertrasxEdit

Chapter Eight: The EndEdit

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