Chapter 1: Mezra NuiEdit

Mezra Nui was the last thing the order of Bara Magna could do. Meanwhile, in Terra Magna, Unuuey and Cenduck were planing to upgrade Huribu. As [[]] and Sertoius trying to fix Avertrasx to battle. The next morning, Skrall were standing by the dead body of [[]]. Spoiler warning! I don't give spoilers! Read about Atoam!

Kohligret and Kirbold in A New, Improved, Kaxiam V3...... While the two twins drove the old version. Cromata, the judge, was disapointed. This was obviously a scheme by the sisters of the Skrall. The sisters wrapped the Agori killed in there robes and continued to hunt. In a distance, Cromata could see Surel, but Surel is dead.....Edit

A new vehicle blazed in The Distance Of Bara Magna, Cromata for a brief second to watch as if he saw Surel. He then realized that Surel is dead....maybe not. When Reagaurds found that only 7 days until fight begins, Tajun went hungry for days! Only a few crumbs. Huribu and Kiina were both female, they knew brilliant ways to work together to provide food, even without [[]].

Chapter 2: The Hunt Before The Fight.Edit

The Skrall sisters found her and growled. "Why aren't you getting ready for your foolish armor fight, Huribu?" one said. Huribu said nothing. Her eyes blushed, she didn't hear that she had only 24 hours to prepare for fighting.

Avertrasx is a strong jungle warrior, but not smart though.....Edit

Huribu was expecting a normal crowd of Agori. When she got there, there were....... 4,556,789,098,765,439,211.5,000,000,000,000 Agori! But Avertrasx didn't even pay attention to THAT.

Huribu got out her water-striker and prepared for battle. Avertrrasx killed the two Agori next to him and made one giant blade. Huribu almost got out of battle until she realized she had a chance

"YOU WILL NOT WIN!" She screamed. Avertrasx yelled back to her as if he wasn't scared of what she just said. "ROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

He battled almost knocking Huribu's head off! "THATS IT!" She chopped off a blade and was about to chop the other one. When both were chopped, it was now a main, fair, head-to-head, battle.


She could hear Kiina controlling the watch tower. Huribu knew she was now in control of Avertrasx's system. Quickly, she sliced of the point head of his blade and killed him.


  • Only characters from chapter 3 or 2.5.
  • Huribu-main
  • Avertrasx-enemy
  • Kiina
  • Sisters of the Skrall.


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