Kopaka Mata using Ice powers
Ice Information
Matoran PrefixKo-

Ice is one of the six main elemental powers.


Matoran UniverseEdit

Ko- is the Matoran Prefix for Ice. Ice is a solid that is used for many things. Some Toa, Rahi, Great Beings and other beings can manipulate Ice and use it for their own use. Ice usually clashed with Fire, which causes Ta-Matoran and Ko-Matoran to argue a lot.


  • Ko-Matoran could not manipulate Ice as such, but they have traits inside them, such as their ability to withstand extremely cold temperature. All Ko-Matoran are Males.


  • Toa of Ice could manipulate Ice and create, absorb and control it.


  • Turaga who were once Toa of Ice had small traits of Ice in them.


  • The Kohrak have very limited Water powers.
  • The Bahrag Queens can use more powerful amounts of ice then the Kohrak.
  • Kualus's Sub-Zero Spear had Ice powers of its own.
  • Thok had the ability to control Ice, when in contact with another Skakdi.
  • Some Makuta were Ice resistant.

Bara MagnaEdit

Element LordsEdit

  • The Ice Element Lord has the power to manipulate Ice.


Ice is Greg Farsthey's favorite Element.

Elements (v|e)

Normal Elements: Fire  • Water  • Air  • Ice  • Stone  • Earth  • Ice
Lightning  • Magnetism  • Plasma  • Gravity  • Sonics
  Shadow  • Light • Iron • Sand • Plant Life • Psionics

Legendary Elements: Time • Life

Powers: Acid • Vacuum

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