"For a friend, Junius didn’t really know too much about Icius. He kept to himself a lot but he did know one thing: He hated Zesk."
―- Junius describing Icius
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Icius after being transformed by the Ignika.

Biographical Information
TribeIce Tribe
OccupationGlatorian of the Ice Tribe, Caravan escort

Icius was a Glatorian from the Ice Tribe. He knew Certavus, Kirbold, Metus, Gelu, Strakk, and Surel very well.


Icius was one of the warriors that participated in the Core War, and was saddened when Surel supposedly died. He was deeper saddened when Certavus died. Icius was a Glatorian employed by the Ice Tribe. When he was part of Caravan transporting goods to a new Sand Tribe village, he and some other caravan members fell to their deaths. He is presumably dead, but he may be alive. He was revealed to be alive, and was transformed by the Ignika into a stronger warrior. He was one of six Glatorian that were transformed into Glatorian Inika.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Icius managed to escape the seige of Iconox and travel to Atero, where he and Junius were present as a squad of Zesk ambushed them. He did not gain any major damage in the battle and survived to the present.


He landed in a large cavern, with the others, and was ambushed by several Matoran. They were then dragged off to the underground city of Tethys.
After some time, Icius decided to join the Tethys Expedition Team on their journey to investigate the cause of the disappearance of a minig team.


Following the team entering a cave with a trophy in it the trophy was smashed and Makuta Karabak was freed. The Makuta then managed to transform all of the Matoran in Tethys into Makuta. This meant that Therius, Rodaki and Kentis were transformed. While the rest of the group fled, Icius gave his life to allow them time to escape.

Shadow PlayEdit

In the Shadow Play alternate Universe, Icius became a slave working on the lava mines of Vulcanus after the Glatorian armies were defeated after the Battle of Atero. He spent thousands years working on the mine, until the agori Raanu came and after a bomb exploded the Glatorian rebeled against their guards. During the battle with the Skrall and Shadow Toa guards, a squad of Rahkshi, guarded to be used in extremem situations, appeared, and started to battle the Glatorian. Icius fought with a Vohrak, but was knocked out cold by a hit of the Rahkshi's staff. Little after, Icius, the Glatorian the Rahkshi and the slave camp fell to the lava lake bellow when Rokuunt destroyed the stone cord that held it above the lava.



Icius Video.


  • Icius is User:Matoro1's favorite Glatorian to write about.
  • Icius's image was origionally Matoro1's entry for the Surel Contest, however it got rejected as it was an 'artwork' contest.
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