Ioron was a surviving Iron Agori, who joined the Sand Raiders and was in a miriad of adventures.


Early YearsEdit

A long time ago, Ioron was an ordinary Iron Agori. However, he was slightly more adventurous than other Agori, and quickly proved his worth. He managed to find more metal deposites than some of the others, and, after time and work, became one of the village elders assistiants. But, it was not to last. Everything fell apart during the dreaming plague, and he somehow found himself to be a survivor. He wandered for years, and learned how to look out for himself. Then during the Core War, he saved an entire troop of Fire Agori, and several Glatorian from an ambush of Rock tribe warriors. Due to the fact that his armor was discolored, he posed as a Fire Agori and joined the Fire Tribe. But, after some time, he was discovered, and banished. He then lived on Bara Magna, and was eventually trapped there. He then joined a degraded Vorox tribe, and learned much about them. Finally, he lived out in the desert all by himself, scrouging for supplies. Then, he was found by the Sand Raiders.

The Sand RaidersEdit

After joining the Sand Raiders, Ioron became a legendary adventurer. His exploits were many. He also developed many conections that proved useful. Often, he was sent by the Sand Raiders to retrive some item of value, or treasure, which was his absolute expertice. He was also a good fighter, and knew nearly every trick in the book.

Powers, Tools, and AbilitiesEdit

As an Agori, Ioron has no powers of his own. However, he makes up for it with his excelent handleing of his weapons which include, a whip, a sword, a dagger,and Thornax Launcher. He can utilize these tools in amazing ways.


Ioron is a unique Agori, and not just because he is one of the last Iron Agori. He is inteligent and resourcefull in all situations. Over the years, he has become an expert on, stealth, traps, history, weapons, and how hard Skrall can punch. However, he is not perfect, and knows it. He is still a couagous Agori, and not one who'll give up without a fight!

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