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Iron Information
Matoran PrefixFe-
ColorsGunmetal Gray and Burnt Orange

Iron was a secondary Element in the Matoran Universe.


  • Creating Iron.
    • Creating weapons made of Iron.
  • Controlling Iron.
  • Strength
  • Absorbing Iron.
  • Unleashing an Iron Nova Blast.

Known UsersEdit

Matoran UniverseEdit

  • Fe-Matoran
  • All Toa of Iron
    • The Toa of Iron in Dark Mirror that killed Takanuva's alternate self.
    • The Toa of Iron in the First Toa Team.
    • Any Kaitas with Toa of Iron in them.
Elements (v|e)

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Lightning  • Magnetism  • Plasma  • Gravity  • Sonics
  Shadow  • Light • Iron • Sand • Plant Life • Psionics

Legendary Elements: Time • Life

Powers: Acid • Vacuum

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