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A map of the islands made after Makuta Vahkuax's arrival

Kakraah was a group of islands located in the south part of the Matoran Universe.


Visions of Freedom Alternate UniverseEdit

After Makuta Miserix was overthrown by Teridax, Vahkuax took refuge of the Kakraah Islands to escape Teridax. He built a fortress on the main island, and forced most of the Matoran inhabitants to move out onto the smaller islands.


Original InhabitantsEdit

These inhabitants lived on the Kakraah islands in peace until Makuta Vahkuax arrived, when they were forced to work hard building a fortress, and building a new giant harbor.

Makuta Vahkuax's OccupationEdit

These species came to the islands with Makuta Vahkuax. In addition to his armies, he also brought various monstrous Rahi, to stop anyone uninvited from coming near the fortress.


  • The name "Kakraah" was made from the Matoran word "Ka", meaning spirit, and the Matoran word "Kraahkan", meaning shadows.

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