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Kanohi were masks worn by Makuta, Matoran, Toa, and Turaga. The Kanohi could be at three different power levels; powerless, great, or noble. In addition, a few Great Kanohi were very powerful, such as the Ignika, the Vahi, and the Mask of Creation. A Kanohi could also be transformed into a Kanohi Nuva upon being exposed to Energized Protodermis.

Known KanohiEdit

Named KanohiEdit

  • Akaku (Mask of X-Ray Vision)
  • Aki (Mask of Valor)
  • Arthron (Mask of Sonar)
  • Avohkii (Mask of Light)
  • Avsa (Mask of Hunger)
  • Calix (Mask of Fate)
  • Crast (Mask of Repulsion)
  • Elda (Mask of Detection)
  • Faxon (Mask of Kindred)
  • Felnas (Mask of Disruption)
  • Garai (Mask of Gravity)
  • Hau (Mask of Shielding)
  • Huna (Mask of Concealment)
  • Iden (Mask of Spirit)
  • Ignika (Mask of Life, Legendary Mask)
  • Jutlin (Mask of Corruption)
  • Kadin (Mask of Flight)
  • Kakama (Mask of Speed)
  • Kaukau (Mask of Water Breathing)
  • Kiril (Mask of Regeneration)
  • Komau (Mask of Mind Control)
  • Kraahkan (Mask of Shadows)
  • Kualsi (Mask of Quick Travel)
  • Mahiki (Mask of Illusion)
  • Matatu (Mask of Telekinesis)
  • Miru (Mask of Levitation)
  • Mohtrek (Mask of Time Duplication)
  • Olisi (Mask of Alternate Futures)
  • Olmak (Mask of Dimensional Gates)
  • Pakari (Mask of Strength)
  • Pehkui (Mask of Diminishment)
  • Rau (Mask of Translation)
  • Rode (Mask of Truth)
  • Rua (Mask of Wisdom)
  • Ruru (Mask of Night Vision)
  • Sanok (Mask of Accuracy)
  • Shelek (Mask of Silence)
  • Suletu (Mask of Telepathy)
  • Tryna (Mask of Reanimation)
  • Volitak (Mask of Stealth)
  • Vahi (Mask of Time, Legendary Mask)
  • Zatth (Mask of Summoning)

Unnamed KanohiEdit

Fanon KanohiEdit

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