Biographical Information
TribeWater Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsLight and Dark Blue
OccupationGlatorian of the Water Tribe, Member of the Order of Tollubo
ToolsThornax Launcher, Vapor Trident
  • Main: Alive
  • Alternate:Alive

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Kiina joined the Order of Tollubo and was the primary Glatorian of the Water Tribe. She was captured by Bone Hunters on the way to an Order Meeting and was taken to Roxtus, where she was knocked out in the battle and recaptured by the Skrall.

She was then put in a prison ward where the essence of the Kraata were fed into her head. Luckily, Catar and Atonsa freed her before she could be corrupted. They then escaped and kidnapped Telluris. Kiina is currently in possesion of the Skopio XV-1.

Order of Tollubo (v|e)

Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

Leaders: Betak  • Tollubo

Members: Eselox  • Scotar  • Malum  • Kyry  • Kiina  • Atonsa  • Leeb (Formerly)  • Esora  • Gladium  • Strakk  • Gelu  • Natrix  • Kirbold  • Icius

Deceased: Ackar  • Crotesius  • Cromata  • Perditius  • Tarix  • Kirbraz  • Scodonius  • Berix  • Branash  • Vastus  • Gresh  • Volta  • Master Glatorian  • Certavus  • Pebilan  • Catar  • Tuma  • Mesa  • Duco

Allies: Jollun  • Glon (Deceased)  • Saran  • Orsta  • Tarduk (Deceased) • Mahu (Deceased)  • Glonor  • Kran  • Metus (Deceased)  • Jaox (Deceased)  • Staron (Deceased)

Water Tribe(v)

Glatorian: Kiina  • Tarix  • Watius

Agori: Berix  • Scodonius  • Kirbraz  • Betak  • Faine  • Mever