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Biographical Information
OccupationMember of the Eternals (Spoiler)
ToolsEarth Spear
LocationVulcanus outskirts

Lethous is a powerful being with the ability to control Rock.



Lethous and the other members of Team Eternal were created by the great beings to protect Bara Magna from destruction. They had the power to rival 2 Element Lords each. Whilst they were flying down to Bara Magna a asteroid sent them spiraling down to Vela Nui. A planet in itself. When they landed on Vela Nui they quickly discovered their powers. While the Toa Vela were fighting Baterra the Team Eternal's killed all of the team except for a Toa named Nikilia. When the Members of Team Eternal went to kill him he fled to Bara Magna. When he returned he remained in hiding from the team.


After being in control of Vela Nui for almost a year the Team were going to leave for Bara Magna but two o the Members, Moonlight and Sunlight absorbed the four other members. They were then encountered by Toa Nikilia who beat Moonlight in a fair fight, even with moonlights increased powers. Sunlight almost killed Nikilia but he escaped. Moonlight and Sunlight left for Bara Magna and Toa Nikilia went looking for Crestla, who used to live on Bara Magna, to help him split the two Eternals apart. He found Crestla and he got a orb that would do the job. He left to Bara Magna.

Bara MagnaEdit

"You can't kill Faine, believe me, I've tried."
―Toron talking to Saldu in The Lost Secrets.

When Moonlight and Sunlight arrived on Bara Magna they were encountered by a Agori named Sladu who wanted to killed everyone on Bara Magna. They teamed up. After traveling to Vulcanus and destroying it they went on to head for Tesara. They were intercepted by Thoron and Faine who froze them in a solid sphere of Water. The two Agori escaped. After getting out of the Ice they were encountered by, Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Faine, Thoron and Toa Nikilia. They split the other members of Team Eternal from them. They beat everyone but Faine who absorbed a combined attack and defeated them all.


The members of Team Eternal re-formed an alliance and betray Saldu ditching him. Saldu made his way to the Faine and the others and deserted Vulcanus with them. They re-Made Vulcanus turning into what they called Eternastus. They then combined their powers hoping it would destroy Nikilia and the Agori. They destroyed Sandray Canyon but the others got away. Thinking the others were dead they traveled to find Mata Nui and his group. They found them but they were engaged in combat with Vorox. They launched a Elemental Power Bomb but Thoron stopped it wounding the Eternals and Saving his team. he died in the process. The Eternal's fled back to Eternastus. With consent of the Eternal's Marduc contacted Nikilia using their mental bond. She told the Toa of Water that if he traded Mata Nui they would give him Toa Neton. When Nikilia dropped the connection Marduc was surprised.

Team Eternal (v|e)

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