Lightning Information
Matoran PrefixUnknown
ColorsBlue and White

Lightning was an Element in the Matoran Universe. It was one of the Secondary Elements.


Matoran UniverseEdit


Matoran of Lightning can not manipulate Electricity as such, but they have traits inside them. All Matoran of Lightning are Female.


Toa of Elecricity can manipulate Lightning. They can create, absorb and control.

  • Any Toa of Lightening
  • Any Toa Kaita containing a Toa of Lightning


Turaga have small traits of electricity in them, they would presumabely also have minorly increased speed or energy.


A Skakdi of Lightning would only be able to access their power if they worked with another Skakdi, or if they carried a weapon that would allow them to focus their Lightning power individually.

Other UsersEdit

Elements (v|e)

Normal Elements: Fire  • Water  • Air  • Ice  • Stone  • Earth  • Ice
Lightning  • Magnetism  • Plasma  • Gravity  • Sonics
  Shadow  • Light • Iron • Sand • Plant Life • Psionics

Legendary Elements: Time • Life

Powers: Acid • Vacuum

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