Lontius was a Leader Class Skrall who was killed by Battera.


Early Years.Edit

He lived on Spherus Magna with all the other Leader Class Skrall until the Core War and The Shattering.

Leader YearsEdit

On Bara Magna, he led the Skrall like all the other leaders. He also lead them in conquests of new teritory.

He was present in one of the Skrall's old arenas, when Skrallix declared his rebelion. He, sided with Tuma on the issue and ordered Skrall troops to hunt down and kill Skrallix. They never succeded.


When searching for missing Skrall one night, Lontius troop fell prey to Baterra. He never thought they could kill him. Until one struck him from the side. He fell soon after.


Lontius was greedy, war hungry, and brutal. His was well known amoung the Skrall legions and feared. His reputation preceded him on many occasions. He and Uoano clashed consistantly. He got along well with another Leader Class Skrall named Tuma however. He thought himself to be undefeatable. It was unfortunate that the Baterra who killed him didn't know that.

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