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Lothorna 2010 res2
ColorsBlue, black, gold
LocationBara Magna

Lothorna was a Ce-Matoran.


Early LifeEdit

As did all Matoran, Lothorna began her life on Spherus Magna and was placed in the Matoran Universe. She was placed in a village of Ce-Matoran but did not fit in with their society. Where other Ce-Matoran had a peaceful, gentle nature Lothorna was violent and confrontational. She constantly annoyed the other Ce-Matoran in her village with her 'destructive nature'.

Bara MagnaEdit

Some time later, after Makuta Karabak battled a Toa of Light and was defeated, Mata Nui exiled him from the Matoran Universe and sent the same Toa of Light to imprison him. The Toa requested the aid of a number of Matoran for this task. Lothorna was one of these Matoran and, on this mission, developed a friendship with Jex.
However, Lothorna was injured in the battle and her body went missing. This was because Karabak was concealing her from the vision of the others until they returned to the Matoran Universe. Lothorna was left on Bara Magna and Karabak placed her in a Stasis Tube. For several years he studied her until he began to harvest the bodies of Agori who had died in the Core War. He then began to create the Matoran, who would later populate Tethys, by studying Lothorna and using her as the species template. He then left her in the Stasis Tube.


Many centuries later, Tollubo and Eselox stumbled upon Karabak's laboratory while trying to escape Three Makuta. They managed to free Lothorna. The Ce-Matoran then attacked Tollubo before revealing her identity and engaging him in battle again. However, before they started fighting, a Dimensional Gate opened and Tollubo and Eselox's Alternate Counterparts appeared. Lothorna was stunned by the light of the portal.


"Where am I!?"
"Calm down, you're in a cave."
"No duh, I can see that.
―Lothorna asking Tollubo where she was.

Official M1 DescriptionEdit

Lothorna is a strange character, and that's what I like about her. Where most Ce-Matoran would have been meditating she was off sharpening her blade on Rahi. She was a born warrior and has only one state of mind - That she is right.
After being suspended in a stasis tube for centuries her mood has only worsened. She wants blood... or rather Antidermis, from the one who put her in there in the first place.



  • Lothorna was based off a friend of User:Matoro1's.
  • Lothorna's Hand-pieces are in fact two Blue Hands that are painted black. This is because her form was planned in advance of the black Hand-piece being released and because Matoro1 does not own enough Jimi Stringers to give her a pair of proper black hands.
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