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The Makuta Tela are from the story Destructive Thoughts. The Makuta Tela used to be a group Of Toa called the Toa Tela. But things changed.


At the start, when he was created, He and his team were good. They saved Matoran's lives and defeated Bohrok, Rahkshi and Makuta. They were unstoppable.

Makuta TelaEdit

Makuta left his team to destroy Toa Neton, but when Toa Neton formed a group of Toa he used a fake Identity called Toa Bogario, he just tied the Toa up and hid him. He called upon his 5 Makuta Allies,Nexiax, Dayiax, Kuakiax, Herilax and Jeriax.


Toa/Makuta Tela (v|e)

Leader: Terihax  (Deceased) Harina

Members: Nexiax  • Dayiax  • Kuakiax

Former Members: Jeriax   (Deceased) • Herilax   (Deceased) • Reniax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk