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Biographical Information
SpeciesUpper classed Skrall
TribeRock Tribe
ColorsBlack & Green
OccupationTuma's advisor
ToolsSword,Thornax Launcher,Saw Blade Shield

Masah was the last of a leader breed of the Skrall and a prisoner in Rotam's dungeon.


In the main bionicle world, Masara was killed by a Baterra, in the Deserts of Death universe, he survived and ruled alongside Tuma, trying to uncorrupt him. Tuma finally realized this and tried to kill him but Masara won and spared Tuma's life under the condition he rule the Rock Tribe wisely. Tuma hated him for a while but learnt that what he had done was in a way heroic. He begun to look up to him and finally switched to good.

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