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Mask of Clairvoyance
Mask of Clairvoyance
Power(s)Shows future events to user
Notable Wearer(s)Gaaki

The Mask of Clairvoyance allows the user to randomly see the near future. The user doesn't have control over the visions that they see or when they see them. While the wearer can foresee what will happen in the near-future, they cannot do anything to change what will occur. This mask is always on at a low level. Despite this, the mask power can't reach the wearer's conscious if they are in a mental illusion.

Example UsageEdit

In Dwellers in Darkness, Toa Hagah Gaaki used her Mask of Clairvoyance to predict that one of their group would die during their hunt for Teridax.




  • In Karso's final moments, he was able to use his mask of Clairvoyance. There is no explained reason for this.

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