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"Vorox and the bone hunters are no match for me!"
―Master Toa talking to Cursed Tahu and Scotar

Master Toa
Master Toa
Biographical Information
TribeFire Tribe
GroupTeam of Heroes
ColorsGold,Grey,silver,yellow,black,blue,white & red
ToolsWater Blades

Master Toa was a Toa who isn't afraid of anything. He has some rivalry with Cursed Tahu even though they were Friends in Toa school.


Master Toa was created to protect the Kanohi Ignika. But the mask wouldn't let him wear it. So he went to Toa school. Takboyr was always teasing him then one day Master Toa had enough. He took some rocks and started bashing his head. Later they had a fight Master Toa won. Then he was later knighted as a Toa. He worked in Mata Nui but a energy wave crashed him into Bara Magna.


He was a member of the Team of Heroes.

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