The Matoran language was a language spoken mainly by Matoran. However, several other Sapient Species of the Matoran Universe were also able to speak Matoran.



Matoran used a number of different phrases as different forms of slang.

  • Bioquake - A synonym for Earthquake.
  • Brother/Sister – A word that Toa usually use to address their fellow Team Members, despite no Biological relation. Artakha and Karzahni also referred to each other as brothers.
  • Fire-Spitter - The commonly-used Le-Matoran slang phrase for Ta-Matoran.
  • Tethysians - A Term used to describe Matoran Native to Tethys.

Curses and InsultsEdit

Phrases which were used mostly used to insult, provoke, or describe things in an informal way.

  • Kavinika - An insult mainly used against female Skakdi.
  • Akilini/Kolhii Head - A term that commonly means fool.
    • Rock-Head - The Tethys Variation of the word fool/idiot.
  • Go to Karzanhi - A term used as the equivilant to Go to Hell.
  • Muaka Dung/Vorox Dung - A phrase used by Matoran to insult each other. It would be the closest expression to a curse in the Matoran Language and in Tethys.


Matoran also used different prefixes to describe Elemental Powers.

  • Ta - Fire
  • Ga - Water
  • Le - Air
  • Onu - Earth
  • Po - Stone
  • Ko - Ice
  • Av - Light
  • Kra - Shadow
  • Fe - Iron
  • Ba - Gravity
  • De - Sonics
  • Ce - Psionics

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